One stop solution in a single place

Tailormade solutions at its best

We understand how important bespoke services are from storage and forwarding right through to packaging and documentation. We even offer hand-written gift cards. That’s our tailormade solutions and we don’t care about either size or weight at DCVA we welcome moving 1 unit a day or 100 units a week, as we can meet all volumes with the same efficiency. From agreed fixed amounts per day/week/month for storage to variable weekly sliding scale per pallet, we always to accommodate the business needs of every company. It’s what we do best and our systems back us up Read More...

Innovative Entrepreneurship

We promote a start-up culture, where staff can bring forward their own innovative ideas. This enables us to create new solutions for shippers and consignees on a regular basis, thereby securing our position as a leader of value-added services within the logistics industry in Malaysia.